Reader's Comments

     “I just completed a great read- “Charlie’s Kid” and did not want to put the book down until I had read the last page. 
This book is an incredible blend of the raw experiences from a childhood of criminal abuse by a mother and stepdad, of an action packed thriller as Charlie’s kid often is seen fighting for his life, with a mentor named Charlie who filled the kid with wisdom and in many ways became a human savior to him. 
     It’s a story of survival in not only the Alaskan winter wilderness, but in whatever life here on earth would dish out including the fascinating story where the kid captures an Iraqi military unit armed with AK-47’s with one bullet fired from his then jammed M16. 
     Through out it’s also a story of redemption through the One who cares the most for the kid.
     I unequivocally recommend this book. Only, sure you have some uninterrupted time set aside because I predict you will not be able to put it down either.”  John Bergrenn

     This was a hard read. But, that being said, I couldn't put it down until I finished: ...a remarkable, engrossing, story. Well worth buying.  G.S.
     I have read thousands of books, essays, short stories for pleasure and for editing. So when reading, I am usually in edit mode, even when reading for pleasure or knowledge. I am sparse with compliments for my professional writers. They want honesty, not flattery. But, I was lured by the grasshoppers on page one like an unsuspecting bluegill and hooked on page three.No struggling, or nights, or days, releases me.Images pound me in my sleep. From man's inhumanity to man, brutality, torture, to survival, friendship, redemption, honesty, life, love. You are an outstanding writer, one of the few gifted storytellers I have ever known. Anthea Amos