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    -Charlie’s Kid is a captivating, thrilling and dramatic piece of fiction that hooked me from start to finish.
    -If you are a reader who is looking to read a thrilling book that is unique and unlike anything you have read before then Charlie’s Kid should not be missed
     -The fast-paced narrative combined with the extraordinary story had me in a frenzy and turning the pages with haste, and when a reader does this, then they know that the book is good and worthy of a recommendation!
     -Sean Oljer is an exceptional author; he is a fantastic author for his ability to grab my attention very quickly at the start of the novel.
     -The twists and turns alone courtesy of Oljer are noteworthy because they were so shocking as well as unpredictable
     -Overall Charlie’s Kid is an incredible, well thought out and developed novel that managed to captivate me with glorious descriptions, fantastic characterization and excellent plot development and so, I have to award this gem of a book five stars!
Red Headed Book Lover
     -Unsentimental in tone, the story is both tortuous and tantalizing to read.
     -some scenes are nearly voyeuristic. The story moves forward without pause; events come together seamlessly, and they hold attention well.
     - Self-reflection and commentary are not a part of the mix, though; this story is just about its action, and it comes in succinct and vivid prose
     -. With raw curiosity, the text moves through the underbelly of urban ghettos, the military, and deep wildernesses
     -Dedicated to the author’s son but inspiring to all, Charlie’s Kid is an addictive debut based on a true story of a life lived beneath the radar. Honest and unvarnished, it is a story in the best sense of the word, pulsing with lessons born from difficult experiences and told out of love, not for glory.
Clarion Forward
     -The story is riveting, horrifying, mesmerizing, and unforgettable.  It haunts, and it inspires.  It is a story you cannot escape whose imagery stays with you.​
     -This story powers through like a hurricane, ripping open the soul and the heart as the reader travels with the narrator through a tormented and enthralling life. I was lured by the grasshoppers on page one like an unsuspecting bluegill and hooked on page three. No amount of struggle or nights or days released me from Charlie’s Kid.
     -Raw and brutal, Charlie's Kid is a Bildungsroman, a bare-knuckled telling... 
Dean over Milton Campus PSC

      -A debut novel, based on true events
     - leaves readers with some indelible passages
     -A grim but emotionally raw portrayal of a harrowing existence
      -Early in the story, the author “speaks” in a childish voice but uses more mature language as he ages, subtly rendering his account more real. His characterizations of individuals he met are skillfully drawn and fully realized. Some may find the story, told conversationally, too heartwrenching to read. But despite Oljer’s terrifying litany, most will be drawn in, anxious to learn the outcome.
      - ...Charlies’ Kid is an inspiring tale about redemption, kindness and nobility.